The ideal laundry automation system.

The Pay2Wash system is the easiest and most customer-friendly way to automate your laundry.

Het automatiseringssysteem voor uw wasserette!

The ideal laundry automation system.


The system is easy to manage using the app or website.

Great solutions

With our own technicians and software engineers, we can deliver customised solutions.


In addition to the automation system, we can build a complete laundry within two days.


Data cannot be intercepted through a secure connection.


The system was designed from the outset with the user in mind.


Such as showing availability, making reservations, displaying remaining time, setting happy hours and much more.

Easy to manage

Management has access to statistics, transactions, user data and much more.

Het automatiseringssysteem voor uw wasserette!

Website & app

Easy to operate on the phone via the website or app (IOS & Android).

Your own corporate identity

Use your own colours and logo for maximum recognition.


Complies with AVG legislation. Additional security, such as 2-factor authentication, is optional and even mandatory for administrators.

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